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Over the past year, IP addresses have gone from being a mundane and boring backroom technical issue to one of the most discussed — and controversial — subjects affecting internet related companies.  Despite all this attention there is not only a shortage of well informed writing on the subject, but there is also a shortage of practical solution for today’s IP-poor infrastructure manager.

Accuro Consulting is the leader in helping companies find ways to manage their IP  address space and this blog, written by Accuro’s unparalleled stable of experts on everything IP-related, aims to be the first and most comprehensive source on the confusing world of IP address management.

In the near future we will be covering issues such as the future of IPv6 implementation, ARIN’s take on IP transfers, how to best manage your IP inventory and your IP needs, the good and the bad of IP  monetization, and more.  Plus, we’d love to hear from our readers, so if you have an idea on a subject for our experts to cover, please e-mail us.

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