IPv4 brokerage sale statistics for March 2012

This press release was released in March of 2012:

Accuro Consulting Posts Record IPv4 Transaction Volume; Announces Expansion to New RIRs.

Alexandria, Virginia – Accuro Consulting announced record March 2012 IPv4 Brokerage transaction volume today. Accuro saw increases in all IPv4 brokerage, sale, and lease transactions. Specific results included:

  • IPv4 Lease and IPv4 Perpetual Lease volume rose 80% month-over-month.
  • IPv4 Inventory Purchase volume rose 55% month-over-month.
  • IPv4 Purchase volume rose 40% month-over-month.

Accuro attributes these increases to increased realization within the marketplace of the limitations of expeditious IPv6 implementation. Furthermore, many Accuro clients cited recent policies implemented by ARIN, the body responsible for allocating IPv4 addresses to network operators in North America, designed to further restrict the allocation of IPv4 addresses as a major reason for turning to the private market for their IP needs.

During March Accuro’s transaction size ranged from as small as a /23 of IPv4 space to as large as a /15 (composed of two separate /16s). The average netblock sold or leased through Accuro’s IPv4 brokerage service was slightly larger than a /18.

Accuro also set a record for its IP consultancy practice, with Accuro Consultants providing IP consultancy services to over 22 customers during the month. Services provided included IPv4 usage analysis, IPv4 to IPv6 transition planning, IPv4 consolidation services, asset marketing services, and long-range IPv4 utilization projecting. To date, Accuro Consulting has worked with over 500 network operators.

Accuro also announced today a new consulting practice aimed at network operators outside of North America. In addition to Accuro’s ARIN IPv4 brokerage practice, Accuro is now also able to broker IPv4 addresses issued by RIPENCC, AFRINIC, APNIC, and LACNIC. Accuro has recently seen a dramatic increase in private market IPv4 requests from customers located in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Accuro’s Alternative RIR Group, consists of a primary Consultant previously with Accuro’s ARIN IPv4 Brokerage Group, and two support personnel. Additionally Accuro has partnered with local firms to provide not only IPv4 research services, but also asset brokerage capabilities. The addition of the Alternative RIR Group within Accuro gives Accuro’s IPv4 monetization and brokerage clients and even more well rounded solution for dealing with issues related to their IP space management needs.

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