About Accuro Consulting

Accuro Consulting is the worldwide leader in the brokerage of IPv4 address space. Our team of professional consultants and industry veterans can help you buy, sell, and manage IPv4 space and enable your business to grow without constraint.

Founded in 2011 in response to the nascent market for IPv4 space, Accuro Consulting combines the expertise of hosting and internet-market experts with a combined 78 years of industry experience.

Based in Alexandria, Virginia USA, Accuro currently boast 8 dedicated primary consultants and their respective support personnel distributed across our 4 areas of practice, including:

  • IPv4 Market Making - Accuro is the only firm actively making a market in IPv4 space. If a client is in need of quick liquidity for excess IPv4 space, Accuro is the only firm that will speculatively buy space at a fair price. Furthermore, Accuro is the only firm allowing IPv4 sellers to dictate the terms of license/purchase all the way through to the ultimate end-user thereby maximizing the seller’s control of the ultimate use of the space.
  • IPv4 Brokerage – Accuro’s main area of focus is the brokerage of IPv4 space. With consultants in 3 offices worldwide, Accuro has access to more buyers and sellers of IPv4 space than any of its competitors.
  • IPv4 Management and IPv6 Transition Planning – Accuro boasts 2 IP utilization experts heading up its teams of engineering and IP Management technicians. Whether a client needs help managing existing IPv4 space, rationalizing current IPv4 usage to free up unused space, or planning a transition to IPv6, Accuros technical teams can provide an efficient solution.
  • Business Marketing and Package Sales – Because of the increasing value of IPv4 space, many hosting and other internet-related ventures are finding that their IPv4 space is worth as much as their entire enterprise. Accuro’s Business Marketing Group works with Accuro’s industry-leading business broker partners to provide Accuro’s clients with a one-stop solution: maximum value for the underlying enterprise and maximum value for the IPv4 assets. Other services provided by the Business Marketing Group include appraisal services, third-party valuation assessments, and feasibility studies.

Any growing company requires additional IPv4 address space. This is not only true of internet and hosting firms, but also traditional bricks-and-mortar firms. In today's IP-starved world it is no longer safe to rely on your upstream provider, ISP, or even direct allocations for additional IPv4 address space. Accuro Consulting has created the largest active marketplace for IPv4 address space. Whether you want to lease, own, or just use IPv4 addresses temporarily, your Accuro Consultant can find a solution perfect for your business model.

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