IPv4 space is a very finite resource and simply put the world has run out. Every organization needs a plan to efficiently use its remaining IPv4 space, identify excess unused space, and liquidate that unused space prior to the introduction to IPv6. Why pass on the opportunity to monetize a perishable asset?

Accuro Consulting is the leader in safely, discreetly, and ethically allowing your organization to liquidate the value currently locked up in your excess IPv4 space. Each IPv4 seller has different requirements, needs, and priorities, so Accuro Consulting offers several different models for IPv4 monetization, including:

  • Inventory Purchase – If you need capital today, Accuro can purchase your IPv4 space for Accuro’s own inventory.
  • Brokerage – If you wish to maximize the value recovered from your IPv4 Space, you can list your IPv4 space with Accuro and Accuro will find a buyer that meets criteria you set for the highest possible price.
  • Lease – If you only wish to allow use of your excess IPv4 space for a set amount of time, Accuro can arrange a term lease. This model is particularly desirable if you project needing the space for your own purposes at some point in the future.
  • “Out of Bounds” – Accuro also offers a number of specialty structures, such as IP swaps, region swaps, partial netblock access, and more.
  • Bundled Assets – More and more internet-related companies are finding that their IPv4 space makes up the majority of the value of their firm. If you are looking to exit a market or even sell your entire business, your Accuro Consultant can put together an end-to-end solution with our extensive network of partners to sell your IPv4 space, customers, and other assets in a single transaction.

Unlike other IPv4 brokers, Accuro allows you to control the process from start to finish. Working with your Accuro Consultant, you tailor the right deal for your organization and identify the type of user your want for your IPv4 space, thereby allowing you dictate what uses you will and will not permit once your IPv4 space is sold or leased. Once you approve the final Offering Memo, rest assured that your Accuro Consultant will be marketing your space to the largest IPv4 buying network in the world and you’ll get the highest price possible in the shortest time possible. Accuro’s well tested system is all inclusive and everything from your offering memo to your Purchase Agreement will be provided to you by your Accuro Consultant, ensuring the entire process is as straightforward and painless as possible.

Accuro’s services don’t stop there, however. If required, Accuro Consultants will continue to monitor your IP space for the life of the transaction, ensuring that the IPs are used in a manner consistent with the Purchase Agreement and all parties are behaving in a “white hat” manner.

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Not sure if you have extra space? Accuro’s team of expert consultants are well versed in helping organizations rationalize their current IPv4 allocations and monetize any extra space. Accuro’s free services include:

  • Assessment of current IPv4 utilization and internal distribution within your organization.
  • Efficiency analysis of how your allocated space is being used.
  • Consolidation and optimization report to help you get the most of your existing space.
  • Analysis of growth needs over the next 1, 3, and 5 years.

Once Accuro’s IP Optimization Consultants complete their analysis, you will receive a report detailing your usage trends and identifying possible underused or unused IPv4 blocks. Click here to contact an Accuro consultant today and start capturing value locked up in your extra space.

  • No other firm makes a market in IPv4 space. If you need cash for your IPs today, Accuro is ready to make an offer.
  • No other firm fully vets each buyer/lessee and guarantees the IPs you market through Accuro will be used in accordance with your terms.
  • No other firm has completed as many transactions as Accuro.
  • No other firm can boast the financial stability of Accuro.
  • No other firm has access to as many IPv4 end users as Accuro.

Accuro's team of industry experts knows that when it comes to selling your space every customer has different needs. As a result, Accuro has developed a wide variety of options to make the process of monetizing your IP address space work for your organization and is constantly developing custom solutions for customers. From the financial to the technical, any special circumstance can be accommodated and your Accuro consultant will ensure your transaction is not only easy but also, of course, profitable. For more information, contact an Accuro Consultant today.
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