Whether you own a hosting company, other internet-related firm, or a conventional bricks-and-mortar business, having adequate IPv4 space is critical for the growth of your firm. Every regional IP-issuing authority is currently out of IPv4 space and IPv6, though desperately needed, is years away from being fully implemented. Accuro alone has blazed a trail in the marketplace by creating for first system for monetizing IPv4 space. Those able to economically justify using more space are able to obtain all the IPv4 they require.

Accuro provides clients IPv4 space from both Accuro’s own inventory and also from Accuro’s IPv4 brokerage clients. Currently available space ranges from as small as a CDIR /23 to as large as a CIDR /15. Accuro offers more IPv4 inventory every day and has completed more transactions than any other firm in the IPv4 marketplace. Accuro’s buyer and seller due diligence procedures ensure each party fully discloses every aspect of the transaction to the other and, furthermore, ensures the provenance of the IPv4 space is fully researched and vetted. Accuro’s regulatory team also takes an active role in each transaction, allowing the buyer to rest assured that all requirements for IPv4 transfers are met.

Accuro currently offers the following types of IPv4 acquisition models:

  • Outright Purchase – Buyer buys a lifetime license to the IPv4 space and is free to deploy and use the space in any reasonable manner.
  • Long-Term Lease – Structured for buyers desiring a finite bridge to IPv6, a long-term lease allows buyer a use license for a defined period of time in excess of one calendar year.
  • Project-Base/Short-Team Lease – Designed for customers with a specific short-term need, such as a migration or network consolidation, these leases utilize Accuro’s considerable inventory availability for short periods of time.
  • Regional Basket Leases – Accuro operates worldwide and, therefore, can provide an assortment of IPs from many different RIRs to helps the buyer increase its footprint and exposure.
  • Multiple /8 Assortments – For clients requiring exposure in as many CIDR /8s (“Class A’s”) as possible, Accuro can assemble groups of smaller netblocks from multiple ranges.
  • IP Swaps – Customers with excess space can swap IP space with others to increase exposure across regions or netblocks.
  • Custom Package – Accuro’s flexibility and market presence give it the tools required to create custom packages tailored to the client’s exact needs.

The IPv4 marketplace is unquestionably in its infancy. Why not use the only firm with a proven track record, unparalleled market penetration, and unmatched experience?

  • No other firm makes a market in IPv4 space. Accuro maintains inventory and can complete quick transactions.
  • No other firm fully and thoroughly vets the original owner of your new IP space and the history of your new IP space. With Accuro you will never need to worry that you are getting IP space previously involved in nefarious activities.
  • No other firm has completed as many transactions as Accuro.
  • No other firm can boast the financial stability of Accuro.
  • No other firm has access to as many IPv4 address sellers as Accuro.

Many buyers either only need IPv4 address space for a short amount of time or do not wish to commit upfront capital to acquiring new IPv4 address space. Accuro has developed an innovated on demand leasing product for just these types of buyers. On demand leasing allows you only pay for the quantity and type of IP address you need without making long term commitments. For more information, contact an Accuro Consultant today.