Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't IPv6 going to replace IPv4 soon?
The short answer is no. The long answer can be found in Accuro's blog.

How can I monetize my IPv4 space?
Accuro provides a wide range of options for monetizing your IPv4 addresses. Options include quick-to-close purchases, brokerage marketing, leasing, and bundled asset purchases. Additionally, Accuro can tailor a custom transaction that is right for your business. Please click here to visit our seller's page for more information on these and other transaction types.

Does ARIN allow IPv4 transfers?
ARIN, RIPENCC, AFRINIC, APNIC, and LACNIC each have rather complicated rules regarding IP address transfers. Accuro's consultants are experts on navigating the complex world of RIR regulations and can assist you in ensuring your transaction is fully compliant.

I want to acquire new IP space, but I am worried the IPs will have a history of spam, hacking, or other problematic activity.
Accuro takes its job of fully researching and vetting every party to every transaction quite seriously. Rest assured when dealing with IPs brokered or sold by Accuro that every effort has been made to fully research the history of the IP space on a very detailed basis. Accuro provides a full guarantee and warranty to each party in every transaction. Contact your Accuro Consultant for more information.

I want to monetize just part of a larger IP block used by my organization, but I'm worried that the new user will spam or hack on the IP space.
Just as Accuro protects buyers we also protect sellers. Your Accuro Consultant will determine the right kind of user for your IP space and restrict Accuro's marketing efforts to only that type of user, so you fully control who will be allowed on your shared IP space.

I only need space for a few months. Do I have to commit to a longer term deal?
No. Accuro offers short term and on demand leasing, allowing you to adjust the amount of space you need upon each renewal. Accuro can also accommodate very short term IP needs. Click here for more details.

I think I have extra space but am not sure. Can you help?
Yes. Accuro Consultants can help you do a full assessment of your IPv4 needs and determine a plan for maximizing your current utilization, accommodating your growth, and liquidating your unused space. Contact an Accuro Consultant today for more information.


As with any new industry, the allure of of a new business attracts many opportunists. How does one find a reputable firm to handle your IPv4 address trading? You pick the largest, most experienced, most stable, and most well regarded firm in the marketplace. When it comes to trading IPv4 addresses, that firm is Accuro Consulting.

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IPv4 has a finite lifespan remaining and allowing excess IPv4 addresses to sit idle is comparable to a factory allowing its equipment to sit unused while customers wait for their orders. Convert your excess IPv4 addresses in to cash today with Accuro. Even if you need help finding and freeing your excess IPv4 address, Accuro's experienced team of consultants can tailor a solution that is right for your organization.

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